Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recent RIse of the Eldrazi Spoils

MTGSalvation just released 6 new spoils from the RoE set. Lets see what we has here.

When I first looked at the card my first though was "Meh". But then I looked over to the rarity. Uncommon. Well, that changes everything! We have a 9/9 triple annihilator that can be blocked by only 3 or more creatures for 11 mana that one can easily pick two in a draft. Seems like a decent draft/sealed finisher. And it fits in every deck, since it's colorless. It seems we'll have lots of eldrazis then, not just a couple of mythics.

+2/+2 for 1. Meh. The card itself isn't that awesome, but the new ability is. Rebound. I saw some people in the salvation forums say "it's just a lame flashback". I don't think it's that lame. You re-play it WITHOUT paying it's mana cost. So if you have a lightning bolt with rebound you have 6 damage for 1 mana. I think THAT is a kickass ability.

This seems like a decent card. A bit expensive, but you gain to baby eldrazi to play with. And they make up for some of the mana spent. If there's an 8 mana eldrazi, you can destroy a creature with 5 then on next turn put up another land and sac the baby eldrazis for 8 mana. It's not an OMG card, but it's kinda decent.

I'd definitly play this in limited! A 0/4 is somewhat sturdy, although the cost is steep, but it gives me back another card from my graveyard. Another removal spell, perhaps, or a draw spell.

When I saw this card my direct thought was "Two-for-one", as with all the auras. But then, totem armor. This makes auras a lot more playable. So I have this creature that I don't want to lose easily. A 2/2 for instance. Now it's a 5/5 with vigilance with a one-shot regeneration. I'd play it without second thought!

It seems like a decent attacker IF there are no creatures on the other side of the table. It's also a decent blocker that doesn't kill even one thing. I'd make it common, not uncommon.

This is all for today.

So sit back, relax, and let me flay your mind.


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  1. Cheira-me que isto não vai ser outro Worldwake, mas acho que vai ser fixe nonetheless...