Monday, March 15, 2010

Cube Draftting

Me and my friends, we're thinking of doing a cube draft one of this days and, while that doesn't really happen, i decided to make a blog post about...cube drafting!

So, what is cube drafting?

Cube drafting is a type of draft without oficial boosters. Quoting this website, in cube drafting you get to play designer and developer. You get to choose your metagame. You get to choose all of the cards in it. Putting it in other words, in cube drafting, the cube builder (or builders) choose a number of cards that are enough to build 24 boosters, roughly around 360, randomize them into said boosters and then takes the cube with him to draft for fun with friends. I personally think it's a fun concept. 

Full power or crappy cards?

Which cards should one include in a cube? Well that really depends on what you really want. Do you wanna draft baneslayer angels with umezawa jittes? Then just get all of your most kickass cards and stuff them in the cube! You wanna see cards like bazaar trader and  cosi's trickster seeing some actual play? Grapple up all of your crappy cards and build a crappy cube. Have any other ideas for what kind of cards you should have in your cube? Then build the cube around them!

And if each participant in the draft takes his own cards?

Quoting a friend of mine that has sent me an email about this, this is how one should do it:

Each player takes to the draft:
- a total of 70 cards without limit of copies nor rarity rules (all rares, all commons, whatever). These 70 cards have to be broken down into:
-- 10 of each color (white, blue, black, red and green)
-- 20 among artifacts, non-basic lands, multicolored cards and hybrid cards.
- A list of all the cards so each one knows what he puts in the cube.
- Enough sleeves for the 70 cards each brings AND for the land cards (so there's no sleeve swamping during the deck building) of predetermined brand and color (ultra pro red, dragonshield blue, etc) and mint or near mint.

Booster Building
- Each player grabs another players pile and divides them into 6 groups (one of each color and a sixth for miscellaneous)
- Shuffle of each colored and miscellaneous pile (without shuffling colors)
- Each player produces 3 piles of cards from two cards from each of the main piles (without looking!!!), meaning 6 cards from each main pile.
-Shuffle of the remaining main piles into one big pile and then each player adds 3 random cards from the big pile to each of the booster piles.

This is how one builds a cube then. For more on cube drafting, check out this website. Soon, i'll post decklists of my own cube drafts so you guys see what we made.

So sit back, relax, and let me flay your mind.


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