Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More stuff from Besieged

And we're back for more Besieged spoilers. First of all, the two pre-release/release cards

And also, a cool looking artifact

There ya go. I'm not gonna comment on them cuz I'm not in the right mood. All I'm gonna say is "OMG Glissa kicks so many different types of ass!"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You know the world is nearing it's end when...

Welcome to my new rubric. It's called "You know the world is nearing it's end when...". I'll use it to detail events so rare that, for them to be possible to happen, the world must indeed be nearing it's end. So let's start. Read the title again and then move on from the next paragraph.

...your's trully wins a GPT!

That's right! Last saturday, 18-12-2010, I won the GPT for Paris 2011. Yeap I know. Weird right?

I'm going to do some sort of a report, posting here both my sealed deck and draft deck, also talking a bit about my match-ups (from what i remember though :p) let's start with the sealed deck.

WB SoM deck:


1x Auriok Sunchaser
1x Ghalma's Warden
1x Glimmerpoint Stagg
1x Glint hawk

1x Bleak Coven Vampires
1x Fume Spitter
1x Necrogen Scudder
1x Skinrender

1x Darksteel Juggernaut
1x Glint Hawk Idol
1x Golden Myr
1x Iron Myr
1x Leaden Myr
2x Muriok Replica
1x Percursor Golem
1x Silver Myr

Other Spells:

1x Arrest
1x Revoke Existence

1x Instill Infection
1x Grasp of Darkness

1x Contagion Clasp
1x Infiltration Lens
1x Mox Opal
1x Silvok Lifestaff

7x Plains
8x Swamp

1st Match: Filipe Moacho

Moacho had a UW deck, running around his dual Volition Reins. Has you might see from my deck, it doesn't have much worth stealing, so I basicly trampled him. I had dream games and his we're a bit bad. He had bad luck during all the tournament. In the second game, I lead off with 1st turn Mox opal, 2nd turn mana myr, 3rd turn replica, 4th turn Juggernaut and 5th turn percursor golem. It was over quick.


2nd Match: Velhinho

Velhinho had a good UR deck, wich also seemed to fail against mine. Both my 1st and 2nd opponents had realy bad luck streaks against me. I had a second game almost like my second with Moacho, but he had a counter ready for juggernaut. Our match was over in 10 minutes.


3rd Match: Pedro Pereira

Continuing to play against people i knew already, my third match against Pedro was also realy quick, although he managed to win one of the games. I don't recall his deck, but i think it had White in it. Don't realy remember.


4th Match: Emanuel Viçoso

My 4th match, still with people I knew already, was a bad one. i got flooded in the first match and lost the second in pure justice. He was at 1, I was at six. He had just played Kuldotha Forgemaster, and also had Perilous myr and that 0/6 wall. I had a 4/4 juggernaut, bleak coven vampires and a replica. I draw Skinrender, play it targeting his 3/5 (so that my bleak conven wont die in combat) and attack fully with my 3 creatures. He blocks them all and gives me 2 to the face with the myr. I pass and he plays Kuldotha phoenix, going right above my defenders, swinging for 4 and for his victory. Good game.


5th Match: João "Max" Ferreira

Still playing with friends of mine, the match with Max ends quickly. I start and win, he starts and wins, i start and win. That was basicly it.


6th Match: Don't remember his name really...

In this match, i win the first game for his flood, and win the second one by completly trampling his deck.


7th Match: Nuno Espanca

I draw my way up to Top 8 with Espanca then go with him to MacDonalds for dinner :p

BG Infect Draft Deck


1x Ichor Rats
1x Painsmith
1x Plague Stinger
1x Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon

1x Bellowing Tanglewurm
1x Blight Mamba
1x Cystbearer
1x Tangle Angler
1x Tel-jilad Fallen

1x Ichorclaw Myr
1x Muriok Replica

Other Spells:

1x Flesh Alergy
2x Grasp of Darkness
1x Tainted Strike

1x Carrion Call
1x Untamed Might

1x Accorder's Shield
1x Barbed Pinions
1x Horizon Spellbomb
1x Infiltration Lens
2x Trigon of Rage

Before i went into the draft, Pedro told me over and over "Man, draft infect! That's 'da shit'!".
When i got to the draft table and openned my first pack, I had a big steaming bag in my hands, but one card made me remember of Pedro's words. Tangle Angler. I started drafting infect (was the only one in the table doing it) and in the last pack i opened again a big steaming pack, except for Skithiryx. Thanks a lot Pedro for your tip! :D
I don't remember much from my matches in the Top 8 (i was pretty tired by then), but i remember winning the semi-finals and the finals with an unexpected Bellowing Tanglewurm attacking with the two trigon's supporting it for non-poison damage :p

So that's basicly what happened yesterday. I went home with 3 byes, a Jace, the Mind Sculptor, 54 boosters and a MtG bag. Pretty cool eh?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mirrodin Besieged preview art

Hey everyone. I'm back today with some art for Mirrodin Besieged from the wizards website. Let's check them out!

Great art. Remembers me of this.

Also nice art, though i can't exactly get what it is. Looks vaguely leonine though.

Some new indestructible Darksteel dude. It's Darksteel and indestructible because of those lines around his body, common to every indestructible Darksteel *something* card.

Woah. Some new freakish dudes. Look somewhat Eldrazi-ish.

This one we've already seen on card. It's Mirran Crusader. Nice art

Hum... some tribal enchantment/artifact representing the Red Sun (each sun if it's a cycle) pumping a specific tribe or maybe a color?

Here is that freakish dude again. It's marking a guy with the phyrexian symbol. This guys seem important somehow...

Phyrexian Crusader, as we've seen before.

This dragon looks realy familiar, but i can quite see from where...

Is Troll Ascetic back?

Cool Phyrexian spider. A reaching infector?

Pierce Strider :p

Cool goblin. Here's hoping for a lord :)

Please let it be a new art for Earthquake!

Cool battle scene!

A new black knight? Looks somewhat red-ish tough. Maybe a multi-colored one :)

Big black/artifact dude from Phyrexia

Here's Peace Strider.

Omg, is that Karn? NICE! :D maybe we'll see Karn as a walker in Besieged after all.

A red Legend maybe? Doublestriker or, at least, first striker i'd say.

Hey, it's Tezzeret! I knew he should appear here as a UB Phyrexian walker :D

There he is again.

Weird Phyrexian elf or an equipment (the crown)?

Well, that's all for today. Make speculations if ya like :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mirrodin Besieged

And so it begins, the previews for Mirrodin Besieged. Without further delays, here it comes.

Peace and Pierce strider. These cards were offered in the SoM gameday. Decent 4 mana artifacts basicly.

Phyrexian and Mirran Crusader. Two Knights, one zombie, the other human. Both have protection (the black from white and red, the white from black and green). The white is awesome, because of the double strike, but the black is realy exquisite, first striking some -1/-1 counters into your opponent's creature before it has a chance to react.

It's all for today. We'll keep in touch ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keep 'em comming

Hey guys. Another week, another spoiler!

I think wizards is getting to close to finally reprinting counterspell and be done with it. Stoic rebutal is a cancel in many ocasions, but can turn into a counterspell with just 3 artifacts. As Grassa said to me: "It should be called Cancelspell"

"I attack with everything!"
"Ok, fog. Now, my turn, DoJ on your side of the table"

Not that good for a rare, but I guess it would be a great uncommon. Maybe it'll see constructed play in metalcraft decks or something.

Amazing 1 mana 2/2 flyer. If they made the mistake of printing artifact lands, this would be SO broken! :p
Indomitable Archangel seems like a really awesome card, expecially for limited.

Speaking of cards excelent for limited, how about one that spells "I WIN" as it hits play? :p

Not Polymorph again! -.-'
A mind control that targets permanents. Awesome :D

Who doesn't like removal with legs? ^^

Good in limited I guess. I think the black smith is better.

Hehehe, green cantrip removal :p

Wait, so if I Doom Blade this, I'll WoG the table for golems? O.O this sucks AND rules at the same time...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The "I'm running out of original titles for this but, anyway, here's another" SoM spoiler

Bla bla bla, SoM spoilers ahead.
Hum, an artifact that can produce a shitload of those 6/6 wurms with deathtouch and lifelink... Me liky!

Kemba is the successor of Raksha. She says that she's not Raksha and she will never be. Of course she isn't! Raksha was awesome. She's just ok.
Leonin Arbitrer is tired of land-ramp decks and landfall decks, so unless you pay 2 mana for that fetch land, you're gonna be stuck with it in game :p
Good addition to limited play. A 2 mana 2/1 in black is nice, but that pumping in this kind of set is just great!
Did I say wow before? Since I can't use wow for this one I'll use "OH MY EFING GOD!"
I refuse to comment THIS card...
Now this one's funny, especialy with the myr lord. Pump it up, untap them all, pump it up again!
A 5/5 artifact for 4? Oh, ok, only if you control 3 or more artifacts, which in this set is as hard as cutting butter in the summer!
Proliferating goodness :)