Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The funnyest characters I played with or DMed

So, this is the first topic related to D&D.

I wanted to share with you some of the most funny characters that I DMed or played along with.
Strangely, most of them come from one person alone, I wonder why...

So first we have:

Paxaxan, the Barbarian!

Paxaxan is an halfling barbarian that uses a spear as his weapon. He normaly abandons the fight to take some sips of ale. The name, Paxaxan, comes from the word Paxaxa, wich is another word to say Cona, wich means pussy. So, instead of being Conan, he was Paxaxan.

Also from the user of Paxaxan, we have Boi Jorge, the Minotaur Bard!

Boi (meaning bull) is a huge minotaur that usualy hangs back in battle, playing his lute and telling the others what to do, although he once impaled a skeleton in his horns and walked around with the skeleton hanging from his head.

The last one from this awesome rolepayer is Rã Kyao, the Bullywug Invoker of Mephistoteles.

Rã Kyao (parody to the musician Rao Kyao, using the word rã, meaning frog) usualy walks around on the back of the strongest member of the party. If he sees that the battle is being to simple, he ignores his foes and turns his atention to another place. On the other hand, if the battle is being to hard, he would simply turn his back on his fellow adventurers and run like only a toad can.

The last character I wanna talk about was a Human Fighter, one of the crown jewels of that beautifull 2nd Edition. He had 18 STR, 17 DEX, 16 CON, but had 6 INT. This was one of the best roleplayed characters I ever saw. I played alongside this guy and it was a blast. Once, while in front of a door, a simple wooden door, the thief started to search for traps, the mage was casting detect magic, the cleric and the other fighter (me) were ready to spring at anything that could come out of the door and the dumb fighter walks up to the door, knocks, listens for a while and says "Nobody's home. Let's go." and heads away from the door. Beautifully reoleplayed charatecer!

If you want to share some interesting stories, please do in the commentary section.

So sit back, relax, and let me flay your mind.


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  1. Esse "one person alone" parece ser um palerma de primeira.