Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More news from SoM

Hey guys. More spoilers of SoM on mtgsalvation!
The emperion is an 8/8 beating stick that won't go down easily. And neither will you, since it won't let your life change. Kinda like platinum angel, but with the drawback that you can't pay nor gain life.
Hey, Trinket Mage is back! A needed reprint for an artifact block indeed :)

A HUGE clone in SoM. Seems nice. You have a Baneslayer? I have a 7/7 baneslayer! HA! :p

Replicas seem to be back also. Like their mirrodin counterparts, they are replicas of existing races (or, in this case, classes) tipical of the color their replicating. This one seems nice, since it's removal in this edition :p

Proliferate, then proliferate again? O.O Wow! It puts a -1/-1 counter on each of your opponents creatures also, then proliferating to create a gap for a huge attack, and maybe pumping some of your own creatures with +1/+1 counters if they have any. Very nice.
Nice one. This will be somewhat picked because it's an artifact, I guess. Seems nice with proliferate though...
A Myr lord. Seems that the Myr are going to be a major race in SoM rather than a minor addition, like in Mirrodin. And untap each other Myr? Since you got the Myrs that give mana, with 2 of these Myrs you can go infinite fireball rather easily. Is WotC realy printing this? O.O
Hehe! Mindslaver's back too! :D
And with nicer art!

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