Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keep 'em comming

Hey guys. Another week, another spoiler!

I think wizards is getting to close to finally reprinting counterspell and be done with it. Stoic rebutal is a cancel in many ocasions, but can turn into a counterspell with just 3 artifacts. As Grassa said to me: "It should be called Cancelspell"

"I attack with everything!"
"Ok, fog. Now, my turn, DoJ on your side of the table"

Not that good for a rare, but I guess it would be a great uncommon. Maybe it'll see constructed play in metalcraft decks or something.

Amazing 1 mana 2/2 flyer. If they made the mistake of printing artifact lands, this would be SO broken! :p
Indomitable Archangel seems like a really awesome card, expecially for limited.

Speaking of cards excelent for limited, how about one that spells "I WIN" as it hits play? :p

Not Polymorph again! -.-'
A mind control that targets permanents. Awesome :D

Who doesn't like removal with legs? ^^

Good in limited I guess. I think the black smith is better.

Hehehe, green cantrip removal :p

Wait, so if I Doom Blade this, I'll WoG the table for golems? O.O this sucks AND rules at the same time...

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