Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mirrodin Besieged preview art

Hey everyone. I'm back today with some art for Mirrodin Besieged from the wizards website. Let's check them out!

Great art. Remembers me of this.

Also nice art, though i can't exactly get what it is. Looks vaguely leonine though.

Some new indestructible Darksteel dude. It's Darksteel and indestructible because of those lines around his body, common to every indestructible Darksteel *something* card.

Woah. Some new freakish dudes. Look somewhat Eldrazi-ish.

This one we've already seen on card. It's Mirran Crusader. Nice art

Hum... some tribal enchantment/artifact representing the Red Sun (each sun if it's a cycle) pumping a specific tribe or maybe a color?

Here is that freakish dude again. It's marking a guy with the phyrexian symbol. This guys seem important somehow...

Phyrexian Crusader, as we've seen before.

This dragon looks realy familiar, but i can quite see from where...

Is Troll Ascetic back?

Cool Phyrexian spider. A reaching infector?

Pierce Strider :p

Cool goblin. Here's hoping for a lord :)

Please let it be a new art for Earthquake!

Cool battle scene!

A new black knight? Looks somewhat red-ish tough. Maybe a multi-colored one :)

Big black/artifact dude from Phyrexia

Here's Peace Strider.

Omg, is that Karn? NICE! :D maybe we'll see Karn as a walker in Besieged after all.

A red Legend maybe? Doublestriker or, at least, first striker i'd say.

Hey, it's Tezzeret! I knew he should appear here as a UB Phyrexian walker :D

There he is again.

Weird Phyrexian elf or an equipment (the crown)?

Well, that's all for today. Make speculations if ya like :D


  1. No one can convince me that the second picture isn't a corrupted Glissa.

    And Karn... wow. If he's on the Phyrexian side I really think Mirrodin is f*cked.

    And the Darksteel golem is clearly phyrexian. Enough already!

    Ok, I get it, screw the mirrans. Welcome to New Phyrexia.